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Welcome to Tecolote Youth Baseball!

2016 Fall Ball Sign Ups

available July 15th

Ages 4 - 14

Player Assessment Day, 8/28/16

Games played Sundays starting 9/18/16



2016 Pony All-Star Brackets
SoCal Southwest Region

Click links below to view bracket schedule






Shetland Wrld Series 7/14-7/19 Simi Valley Link
Pinto-7 Wrld Series 7/21-7/26 San Marcos Link
Pinto-8 Wrld Series 7/21-7/26 San Marcos Link
Mustang-9 S. Region 7/14-7/19 Walnut Link
Mustang-10 S. Region 7/21-7/26 San Marcos Link
Bronco-11 S. Region 7/14-7/19 Whittier Link
Bronco-12 S. Region 7/21-7/26 Whittier Link
Pony-13 S. Region 7/14-7/19 Whit./W.Cov Link


2016 Pony All-Star Tournament

Bronco 12U Region Champs


Pinto 7U Region Champs


Mustang 10U Region Champs


Mustang 10U Section Champs


Pinto 8U Section Runner Up


Home Run Hitters

2016 Pony All-Star Results

Shetland -eliminated in Region.

Pinto-7 - Adv. to World Series
Mon, 7/25 Tec 14 vs. North City 12
Tue, 7/26 @ 5:00pm vs. Temecula

Pinto-8 - eliminated in Region.

Mustang-9 - eliminated in Section.

Mustang-10 - Eliminated in S.Region
Thu, 7/21- Mid Valley 8 vs. Tec 2
Sat, 7/23 - Corona 13 vs. Tec 12

Bronco-11- eliminated in Region.

Bronco-12 - Eliminated in S.Region
Sat, 7/23 Tec 6 vs. E. Long Beach 4
Sun, 7/24 John Mendez 6 vs. Tec 5

Pony-13 - eliminated in Section.

Field Status
Tec Bronco Fields - San Diego OPEN (7/26) 
Tec Mustang Field - San Diego OPEN (7/26) 
Tec Pinto Fields - San Diego OPEN (7/26) 
Tec Pony Field - San Diego OPEN (7/26) 
Tec Shetland Fields - San Diego OPEN (7/26) 
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